魏永康,畢業於香港中文大學藝術系。自小喜愛畫畫,到中學時期開始愛上攝影。畢業後一直從事平面設計及攝影工作,曾任獨立音樂文化廠牌 89268 的御用攝影師,現在 Fevaworks Solutions 任職創意總監, 專注於網頁設計及手機應用程式介面設計。2016年初在LINE 發表了《阿光的故事》貼圖集,頗受朋友喜愛,現正消極籌備第二輯貼圖。


Graduated in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Fine Arts Department,  ngaiwinghong was the chief photographer of 89268, an independent music label in Hong Kong, where he did photo shooting of CD covers, posters and live performance. Some of his works were exhibited in Fringe club and other galleries. He is now a Creative Director in a local digital agency – Fevaworks Solutions, focus on web design and app UI Design.

As a CUHK Fine Arts graduate, ngaiwinghong also loves drawing. He did illustrations for various parties, e.g. Pong Nan, Arnold Fang, Mei Ho House... etc. In 2016, he has published a set of LINE sticker called "The Story of Ahgwong", which is popular among his friends and so he is now working on the second batch of it.





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